Mar 2, 2018


I dont own any of these images.
if you own any of these pictures and would like me to take them down, ill be happy to oblige. 

I have a pretty bland sense of style, you’ll usually catch me wearing black jeans, white/gray top, running shoes, minimal or no jewelry, and always with bed hair. As you can probably imagine, I’m not a very interesting individual.
            I’ve gotten myself into a little beauty and fashion kick, I want to revamp myself, I want to be a little more colorful, a little bit more put together, a little more fun.
When I think of a fashion style that reflects my emotions into something physical or artistic I would say that Parisian fashion reflects me or at least who I aspire to be- laid back, yet classy, feminine, and sexy, like a try but I don’t try too hard.
Of coarse my image of what Parisian/French girls look like has been influenced by movies and magazines and I know that these are cliché, but I still admire it.

I spent my entire day scrolling through Pinterest and gathered a few images that I would classify as Parisian chic. These are some outfits that I picture myself wearing throughout the seasons in my made-up Parisian atmosphere.
I’m not really sure how much any of this actually reflect Parisian style. (probably none :/)


Jan 25, 2018


Hey there babes, so my new years resolution of blogging constantly isn't really working out :/
I thought my life was going to be more interesting this year, I thought that it was magically going to be fun and exiting- I absolutely forgot about school and work and how expensive going out is.
This past weekend I visited Ralph B. Clark Park in Buena Park. Ive been wanting to visit since about two years ago, but I didn't really feel like driving all the way there (1hr+). 
It was pretty cold and the strong winds didn't make it so pleasurable, but Im sure that in the summer it would be the ideal park. Theres a small hiking area that gives you a good work out and a good view of the park. Theres also basketball and volleyball courts, a small amphitheater and a small duck pond. 
Parking was $5 but its usually $3 during the weekdays.  
I had stopped at Barnes and Nobles to get a book to read while I was there, but the weather wasn't really cooperating with my plans.

what new places have you guys explored?


Jan 17, 2018


 Hey there babes, I just came back from doing a little shopping, and I surprisingly didnt get as much make up as I thought I was (which was good). This was my first time going to Sephora in such a long time, since I was too focused on school and clubs to think of anything else.
 I got a foundation and a few skin care products but I still want to pick up some other thing from Ulta, maybe Ill do a haul afterI get everything I need to revamp my skin care routine. 


Jan 9, 2018


But how cute are these earrings that I recently got from a discount store?
 I`m not really an earring time of gal, I prefer wearing some cute dainty rings (dainty jewelry in general) but I decided to step out of my comfort zone and go for something a bit more fun. To be honest I`ll probably just put them in my jewelry box and stare at how pretty they are, but I wont actually ever wear them.
I also picked up a texturizing hair spray. I have really straight flat hair and when I curl it, the curls dont hold for long. So I was hoping that maybe this can help *fingers crossed*, I`ll let you guys know how it goes. 
but for now I gotta go get ready for school and review some material for a quiz that I have today.
XOXO - Vee.

Jan 5, 2018


I started this year off by saying that I wanted to make more time for my self, weather that be doing my make up, taking long baths or just reading a book. I got payed a few days ago and well I may have gotten some makeup... leaning more towards may have. 

I decide to get the Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation, Im not going to lie, its a little pricey, retailing at $49 but I have heard amazing reviews.  Its supposed to be the perfect foundation for the No Make up Make up look, perfect for everyday use. The other thing I go was the Fenty Gloss Bomb for $18, it has shimmer of pink and gold, making it perfect for everyone.

I havent used any of these products yet but I cant wait to tell you all what I think if them. Do you guys have some make up recommendations for me? I think I wanna grow my collections.
bye for now...

Jan 3, 2018




Okay so I have a problem, I am obsessed with buying planners, cute notebooks and pens, and just cute stationary in general. Like the majority of people that like to stay organized, I got myself a planner for the new year. I first saw the Heidi Swapp planners a few years ago, but to be honest, I didn't really like them (too pink).
 A few weeks ago I found this black and white planner and I thought it was perfect-not too pink not too simple.  I still dont know how Im going to use it since its a little too small to write down my everyday to-do lists. 
anyway, how are you guys staying organized this year? what planners are you all using?

Jan 1, 2018


Before the first day of 2018 is over I wanted to welcome all of you to my blog. Im Venus, I am 21 and I am currently trying to figure life out. I enjoy fashion, beauty, art and crime fiction novels.
On this very first day of 2018 I had the opportunity to cruise around LA and admire beautiful homes and iconic buildings. Id say 2018 is off to a pretty great start :)
Okay well I gotta go and treat my face to a nice face mask. till next post 
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